Why All This Stuff About Color?

If you're new to this blog you may have noticed that I talk about colors a lot.  That's because each year, I choose one color to serve as a guiding focus for the year.

Then, because I'm a research junkie, I follow the thread of that color's associations and symbolic meanings and I contemplate how all that plays out in my life.  I've been amazed at how fruitful this has been since I started the practice in 2010.

I also choose a guiding word for the year, which is a practice I picked up from Christine at Abbey of the Arts.  The color thing was my own weird idea, though.

Just in case you're interested, here are the words and colors by year so far:

2010 - orange, "quiet love" (okay, yeah.  I realize that's actually two words.)
2011 - green, "bless"
2012 - purple, "juice"
2013 - gold, "treasure"
2014 - red, "power"
2015 - blue, "innocence"

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