Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Higher Resolution

I'm not a maker of New Year's resolutions; rather, I choose a word and color for the year to guide me.  That way, what resolves in me can flow freely out of what's revealed to me in contemplation with those guides.  It just feels a little less rigid and more inspired than making a resolution.

Just because it's New Year's Day and  I love to look at multiple levels of meaning, I did a little exploration into the word "resolution."  Turns out the origin of the word is about "a breaking into parts."  There is also, of course, one of the most common uses of the word these days (when it's not the end of the year), which is about computer images and screens.  Resolution in that sense is a measurable quantity (and therefore quality) of image detail.

Common display resolutions, according to Wikipedia
 So, now I find myself asking, what will be breaking into parts for me this year?  Another way of saying that might be:  what will I be analyzing?  And what images in my life could benefit from a higher resolution?  Where do I need to see more detail?

Wonderfully enough, these are exactly the kind of questions choosing a color and a word for the year lead me to contemplate.  So I guess, in a way, I do make resolutions after all.


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