Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow


  1. Thanks for the link, Polli, I enjoyed the photos and hearing the song again. What joyous lyrics!

    Something kept nagging at the back of my mind after I watched the first time, but I chalked it up to nostalgia. Then tonight I figured it out when I sat down at the piano: Last week I checked out a 1970s sheet music book from the library. I started playing through it again tonight, and there was this song, right in the middle of the book. I had so much fun playing the song with those beautiful images of nature in my head!

    Here is my gift of gratitude to you: Stevie Wonder playing Superstition on Sesame Street

  2. Joyous lyrics indeed! I may just have to put a permanent link to this video on my sidebar. I could listen to this song every day.

    I love the synchronicity of your sheet music experience! I'd love to hear you play it on the piano.

    Thanks for the Stevie/Sesame Street - what could be a better combo?

  3. This was absolutely the most perfect thing for me to see today. I am having such a hard time coming back from vacation and sliding into the "real" world -- I'm feeling depressed and so unconnected, in comparison to how I felt over the last two weeks camping my way to Ohio and back. Thank you so much for posting this beautiful song and cheering me up.

  4. That took me back!

    Hope you're doing fine.

  5. DG - I'm glad this cheered you, and I can relate to feelings of depression and disconnection, although for different reasons. I hope things are more peaceful for you now.



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