Friday, January 15, 2010

Virtual Visit

To lighten the mood up around here, and because I said I would, this post is dedicated to fulfilling Lucy's Virtual Visit Challenge at her lovely blog, Diamonds in the Sky With Lucy.

Here are the rules she provided (I changed #5, Lucy - hope you don't mind):

1. Begin the challenge immediately.
2. Pick up your camera and take pictures of where you predominantly spend your time blogging. Include a forward facing, left and right side view.
3. Do NOT stop to tidy up, redecorate, make your bed or whatever you think needs to be done to impress others or sooth your Martha Stewart-ish ego.
4. Post your pictures (with a brief description if you like.)
5. Leave a comment on my blog letting me know you've done it.
6. Optional: Tag five other bloggers whose space you'd love to virtually visit.

When she issued the challenge a few days ago, I just happened to have my camera right next to me on the desk, so was able to do it immediately. 

This is it, front view.  I'm so excited I got to take a picture of my shiny new laptop that I got last week when my old crappy one finally keeled over and died.  

Yes, that's a snow man up there.  He is one of the two decorations I left up after Christmas, for two reasons:  1)  Eliana is in love with snowmen right now, and 2)  It's a statement in my protest against Christmas getting all the cool winter stuff.  

The art on the wall is one of my favorites, and was the first piece of art I ever bought for myself after moving out of my parents' house.  It's by Scott Mutter.  The words at the bottom say:


 I'm not fond of laptop mouses, which is why I have an external one plugged in.

Yes, that's a diaper on the desk.
And one of my collages on the wall back there.
My living room doesn't actually look like this anymore, as I moved the furniture around a couple of days ago.

So there you have it.  This is where I am in the physical world when I'm connecting with you, dear readers.

I'm not going to tag anybody because I'd love to see ALL of your spaces, but I'll leave it up to you whether or not to participate.


  1. I can't do it because I blog from work and that's like - WRONG! But I will do it when I get home. Because I READ blogs from home. Is that fair?

  2. Works for me. I'd rather see where you live than where you work, anyway.

  3. Well, darn. I'm sitting here, on the bed, in my PJs, surrounded by my usual mess, with my camera sitting there on my nightstand, WITHIN ARMS' REACH...but it's dark. So I'd have to take awful flash-photos of my room. And I don't think that'd come out right.

    So I guess I'll do this tomorrow when it's brighter out. I won't tidy up anything in the meantime, I swear.

    You have quite the charming workspace, let me say. Seems very bright and spacious. Screams "you."

  4. Thanks. I've been doing a lot of rearranging of my space lately, so the area is more "bright and spacious" than it used to be. I have a small house, so I've had to be creative with my setting up a workspace. It's actually in between the dining room and living room, sort of in both at once, but somehow it works.

    I can't wait to see yours.

  5. I loved seeing this!

    So that's Polly's nest. Lovely. :)

    Postman and I have the same problem.

    I'm sitting here in, get this: my Nick and Nora pink flamingo trailer pajamas with my red, snow flake appliqué Christmas apron, because I want a reminder of Christmas around too.

    Eliot is in his blue doggie stroller to my right side BUT it is dark and I'd have gloomy looking flash pictures also. BOO.

  6. You'll do it tomorrow though, right?

  7. I just thought I'd pop over and say hello, definitely chose the right time: I love, love, love seeing people's work/living spaces. Nice bright room and the diaper touch is great.

  8. Hi Eryl - thanks for stopping by! Yeah, the diaper - my interior designer said that would be a good spot for it.

    I kept silent during the conversations of your illness, since I didn't have a chance to get to know you before your blogging sabbatical. But I did send some love and light your way. I'm glad you're better.

  9. Whoops! Sorry. I'm on hiatus now. But I'll do this the very first thing when I get back, how's that? And I'll try to keep my room in the exact state of disarray that it was in when I promised I'd do it originally. Sound good?

  10. Also Polly, you know how I keep my businesses anonymous? I have stuff all over the place that has to do with my businesses.

    I think it's part of the integrity of my being Entrepreneur Chick that people not think I'm using it to generate business. Plus, the only people I'd want to find me in real life is a really short list, but you are most certainly on it. xxoox

  11. Ah, yes - the top secret life of Entrepreneur Chick. Well, you should just email me pics then.

  12. I did think of that.

    I wonder if that black bird knows it's on the internet? I wonder if the other birds are like, hey- aren't you the bird on Polly's blog? Can you sign my beak? It's not for me, it's for the little birdies still in my nest.

    (I bet you think I'm drinking, don't you? I've only had Alka Seltzer. Ewww.)

    BTW, I like your computer A LOT. I've been meaning to tell you that.

  13. You crack me up! I swear that bird posed for me. He flew away IMMEDIATELY after I snapped the pic, even though he sat there long enough for me to run inside and get my camera in the first place.

    Thanks. This computer is such an improvement over my last one. I should have taken before and after pics. You'd laugh.

  14. Hey Pollinatrix - Loved visiting your space - thank you! (I loved the diaper AND the snowman:) It was fun to read your comments too - I think everyone doesn't enjoy the "visiting" challenge but I am just nosy enough to have found it just a nice thing to if we could only drink tea together some way, although I guess we often do:)

  15. thanks for playing, polli... i don't mind the change on number 5, but i would love to have the links at my place, too, so i know who's sharing their space(s)! :-)

    i love the contrast of the colorful snowman with the art piece on the wall. very fun! ...and the diaper? can we say enough about that great touch!??!?! love, lucy

  16. SS - Yes, virtual tea. That would be a great name for a website, wouldn't it?

    lucy - Thanks for making this challenge up - great idea, for some of us brave souls, anyway.

  17. Welp, I didn't do it today because I just posted, but I did take a picture, so maybe I'll throw that up for kicks! I loved seeing where you work, that is so fun! My little space is the messiest of all spaces in the house. This is the one place I don't worry about, the mess doesn't bother me around the writing. Weird huh.

  18. My little space is actually a shared space because it's a communal computer. I find myself more bothered by mess around my writing than I used to. I used to be ridiculously messy and almost completely unaware of it. I need order these days or my thinking gets all bungled.

    I do want to see your space!



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