Thursday, January 21, 2010

Illuminated Manuscripts Virtual Ribbon-Cutting

The last couple of days have been productive.  I brought the final draft of the case statement I've been working on for UNM-Taos to the Executive Director yesterday, and she loved it.  The people I've been working with are really happy with my writing.  This excites me because the stuff I'm doing is easy for me and I love doing it.  Which has inspired me to finally get off my butt and start promoting my writing and editing business, Illuminated Manuscripts.

I went and joined the Chamber of Commerce today!  I'm official!  And I'm going to their monthly Mix and Meet this evening.  I'm hoping not only to network about this business, but also to eventually find someone who wants to open a laundromat with me.  Wish me luck.

And just now I got the blog for Illuminated Manuscripts ready for action and put my first post up.  I'd love it if you guys would hop over there and let me know what you think.  I'm open to any feedback you have.  Criticisms, suggestions, whatever.  And if you know anyone that needs writing or editing services, keep me in mind!


  1. Laundromat? The BEST one I ever went to is here in Sioux Falls. So bright. And clean. And the coffee was free and the windows and the chairs for knitting. Ohh!!!! I still smile when I drive past it.

  2. I've been planning this for a while. It's going to be called GreenSuds, and have a play area for kids, Wi-Fi, and a snack bar. And it's going to be sustainable, with energy-efficient machines and solar panels, etc. All I need is a partner with money!

  3. Just a heads up - My Illuminated Manuscripts blog is in the process of getting its own domain name, so some things aren't working right at the moment - like the "Followers" gadget. It should be working fine in a couple of days.

  4. I like it, like it, like it! I can't wait until GreenSuds has its own blog too.

  5. Oh, and I like your coexist sticker too.

    Ps. one more thing, I think when you regularly comment on a blog you should get a word verification pass...kind of like toll passes, but FREE!

  6. Oh but then you'd miss out on all those cool made-up words! Aren't you cataloging as names for your future children like I am? And there's the Postman, who's turning them into cocktail names.

  7. Congratulations on the progress with your writing and I'll be dashing over to "Illuminated" right now:)!

  8. I honestly feel if we must do word verification that somehow we should pool the not real word words together on one big blog and do something with it...let's get creative for goodness sake.

  9. My two cents is to nix word verification. I don't have it on my blog (do I?) and it's all good.

  10. No, you don't. I have to admit, I kind of enjoy the word verification though. I have a love affair with a)words and b)randomness. But now I'm seeing that I have an attachment issue with this. Hmm. What would the Buddha do?

  11. I am SO proud of you~ joining the chamber is going to bring you into contact will all sorts of people that you'll never imagine. People that can help you and that you can help.

    Take pictures of your ribbon cutting, will you?


  12. Buddha would make a New Year's resolution to drop 60 and add word verification.

  13. I went to the Mix and Meet last night and it was great! The director of the Chamber let me introduce myself and my biz, and several people talked to me about it. One woman said I'll have all the business I could want if I'm a grant writer, and a woman from one of the high-end local hotels said their writer/editor person just left and they need someone new.

  14. all such great news, polli! i popped over to your new site and love what you are offering. my one thought is that it feels more "blog" than "business" to me. i believe you offer some very professional services - grant writing, editing for businesses, etc. - and want you to get the full respect you and your credentials deserve!!

    with the networking at the chamber, it sounds like much advertising may quickly become a moot point!! best of luck and i hope all of this new business doesn't mean less interactions from you at this great space!

    two thumbs up for the green laundromat!!!

    also, re: word verification... i didn't have it for a long time and then i got "spammed" that changed my mind very quickly.

  15. Do you have any suggestions about how I could make my site more businesslike and less bloggy?

    I want to keep it with Blogger for a variety of reasons, but it does limit what I can do with it. If and when I get too big for a Blogger site, I'll get a "real" one, but for now I'm going to work with it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  16. Well EXCELLENT JOB! Congratulations! You got the ball rolling on your writing and editing business! Wow, amazing. Please please please keep us posted. And good luck with your search for a laundromat partner. I take it this background color change is a reflection of that? I like it. Easy on the eyes. It's all nice and minty green.

    I'm excited and happy for you, Polly. Way to go, I mean it. You've opened up yet another avenue for us to live vicariously through you. May good fortune and quick success be yours.

  17. The background looks green to you? I thought it was blue. Hmmm.

    Thanks for your enthusiastic support! I will definitely keep you posted.

  18. Yeah, exactly Postie. We can live vicariously through Polly's new business adventures.

    Polly, my background looks blue and I really like it.

    Just look at all those connections you made from the mixer! That's what I'm talking about...

    I'm going over to your other site now.

  19. Hi Polly
    yup it's blue down under too .

    Well done on the progress you have made with your writing venture.

    I love to read posts like your last one and feel all the cross pollinations resonate.
    I was interested in your kabalistic adventure ( one of my sisters lives
    in Tiberias) and I love to hear how the varying journeys of seekers seems to bring many to a similar point even tho we may use different labels and terminology - we seem to be part of a great orchestra each playing our own instruments with different parts to play but forming a cohesive and melodious piece.

    Happy days

  20. Well, bluish-green. Perhaps there's something wrong with my monitor...when I tilt it up it looks blue! Anyway, congratulations...

  21. Delwyn - Thank you!

    That's such a beautiful way to put it! I really like that imagery. It makes me think of in the Bible when Paul says we are all part of one body. That's usually interpreted as only for Christians as individuals in the "body of Christ," but I see it more the way you're describing with the orchestra analogy.

    Postie - I was thinking you might just be slightly color-blind, as many men are. But I guess you couldn't be since you're going to be a pilot, right?

  22. Actually...


    ...I am colorblind. Not as badly as some people I know, like my brother (Mom gave it to him a lot worse than me) but still noticeable nonetheless. I have pretty bad red-green colorblindness in particular. I got a restriction put on my first student pilot's license because I didn't do well on the color test in my medical exam. I got it taken off of my most recent medical certificate, however, because I buckled down, squinted, tried hard, and took a few wild guesses. Whew! Now the FAA doesn't think I'm flawed!

    I'm perfectly fine to operate a plane. I can tell the difference between red and green lights on the ground. This background, though...backlit by my OLD monitor...yeah, definitely off-greenish sort of blue.

    I'm going to check out "Illuminated Manuscripts" right now...

    P.S. I think I got a pretty good drink name from the verification word for this comment..."miafulne."

  23. A Note for the Postman

    My Dad was thrown out of the NZ Airforce after the war because he was colour good luck to you...

    Aren't women lucky to not experience this disorder...tho' some may say that certain dress combinations would attest to a little fashion 'colour blindness'. When I was a girl it was said that 'Blue and green should never be seen'
    Yesterday when I was driving along I saw an elderly lady in a purple top and red skirt and it jumped out at me ...and then I thought how wonderful...My garden does that - provides colourful why not women's apparel...

    Happy days

  24. I was the most mis-matched kid in Canada, I think. It drove my mom nuts. She'd put me in a pretty pastel yellow dress and I'd go put on bright red knee socks.



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