Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Giver of Rocks

So it turns out I'm not quite done with the San Francisco de Asis church after all.  And it occurs to me that really, as long as I'm living in Taos, I will periodically find the time to stop by and sit by Clare and the hawkmoths.

Last Sunday, Eliana kept saying she wanted to go for a walk, so we went over there together, which is something we haven't done very often, and the last time she was still too little to walk by herself.  But this time, we went side by side, and it was lovely.  And when we walked through the grove that is no longer a grove, I noticed that the huge tarp they left there after enjarre last summer was still there.  (To be honest, part of what I was looking forward to about this walk was seeing if the tarp was still there, because 70% of my thinking these days is about where to get building materials and equipment, and tarps are needed to protect earthbags from UV rays during the building process.)  When I stretched it out and saw how big it really was, I realized I would need help folding it, so I called Graeme and he came to help me and then carried it back home.

Then Eliana and I proceeded on to the church, and I came across my second great find as we walked through the alley next to the gift shop.  They often leave boxes of empty used glass 7-day candleholders out there, but this was the first time they seemed of any use.  I've been researching making windows using old bottles and jars lodged in cob, so I was very excited to find these.  Now I will have part of the church permanently built into my house.

Do you see the cross design?  So cool!
Over at the church, there were quite a few visitors milling about the courtyard, and I found myself sitting at St. Francis' feet engrossed in a pleasant conversation with a couple from Dallas.  Meanwhile, Eliana was running happily around the courtyard, picking up rocks and then running up to whoever was nearby and saying "Here's a rock for you."  One couple was so delighted with this, they even included her in the photo they were posing for in front of the church doors.

It was a beautiful spring day, one of the first of the season, and I felt rich in my relationship with that place again, and blessed with the abundance of gifts of the day.  A tarp, a box of candleholders, a daughter who's an exuberant giver of rocks.  In my Lenten practice of giving up "stuff," it's these simple things that are coming to me in the new space I'm making.  I think Francis and Clare would approve.


  1. I think Francis and Claire would approve, too. And I'm glad you aren't done with that beautiful church. Such lucky finds!

    Children never cease to surprise with their outgoing demeanor and generosity, do they ("it's only a rock" some might say, but the rock was given in a generous spirit, so it's a gift as good as anything that cost the earth)?

  2. What wonderful "finds" - I particularly love the incorporation of the red glass in your windows!


  3. Yes, Postie - children themselves are the best gifts.

    SS - Thanks! I look forward to the day I actually make those windows.

  4. Like Postman, I'm glad you're not with the church of San Francisco de Asis. I realize that I also attend a San Francisco church. It just right smack in the old city, cars honking by during sermons, and tourists streaming in.
    I am delighted you made finds that will remind you of this day for a long time.

  5. Claire - me too! More and more I'm realizing how that place has become a part of me, and the ways I'll be carrying it into my new life.

    I love car honking during sermons. I used to attend a contemplative group at the Presbyterian church here, and we would sit in silent meditation while diesel trucks roared by outside, and somehow it always seemed to enhance the meditation.

  6. Hi Pollinatrix! I sent an email to you at the address listed in the sidebar. I know that sometimes incoming mail from hotmail accounts gets flagged as spam, so you might not have seen it. If you have and just haven't replied, sorry to bother you...

  7. I am so jealous of the red glass!



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