Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Marvelous Idea

Via Eryl, I am taking part in a most wonderful exchange.  This is how it works:

I promise to send something I make myself to the first 5 people who leave a comment on this post and who, in turn, promise to make the same offer on their blog. The rules are that you need to make the items personally and send them to your 5 folks within 2011.

I am so excited about this!  Eryl has been crocheting characters (you really should go see them), and she says she will be crocheting me something green. 

But what I'm really excited about is what I'm going to make.  The first 5 people to comment will get a personalized collage from me.  (Just keep in mind, if you're the fifth person to comment, you might not get it until Christmas.) 

So who's down?


  1. Yay! I know just where to start with your collage.

  2. Ah, polli, I don't 'make things' ... So allow me to observe all that creative people are going to do. This may come in handy next time :-))


  3. I'd love a collage from you. I once made X-mas card collages for about 20 of my friends. But I am not talented at it. I definately will not offer collages.....but I can make some killer earrings!

  4. Hurrah! I don't know if the rules allow me to say: "me!" or not. Anyway, glad you're joining in and now you've made your pledge I'll put your green thing in the post if you email me your mailing address.

  5. Okay, Polli, I'm in. I like the generosity aspect of this idea. I also like the making things aspect. So, am I numero dos?

  6. Claire, I certainly respect your choice not to participate, but I do feel the need to say that you do make things - you make beautiful, inspiring, provocative, and soothing meditations that for me are icons painted with words.

    alphawoman - Thanks for visiting and for the shoutout on your blog! I love making new blogging friends, and would be happy to send you a collage. I will have to troll around your blog a bit though, so I can learn a bit about your interests and taste.

    Eryl - I don't see why not. I'd love to make you a collage. My green thing is ready - yay! Will email you shortly.

    Dan - I bel

  7. Dan - don't know what happened to your part of the comment. Blogger is weird sometimes. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that you're numero quatro, and I'm glad you're in!



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