Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Synergy of Spheres

I could start anywhere, because the collage of images I am contemplating has no beginning.  Or it has many beginnings.

But because I must start somewhere, I'll do it with the point in time just before the collage was made, which was the day before New Year's Eve 2010.  I already knew my word for 2011 was bless, and the color was green, and so I decided to make a collage that reflected these guides.  Last year was my first to use a guiding word and color, and it was a wonderful experience to go through the year with those polestars.  This year, I have taken it a step further, by creating a guiding image, or rather, a combination of guiding images, which I know I will be contemplating the connections among all year long.  And this thrills and composes me in a way I cannot describe.

As I said in my last post, I make collages usually with some kind of general intention or theme, but the specific images often continue to surprise me with meanings I did not see when I chose them, meanings that deepen and radiate with time.  I finished my collage the morning of New Year's Eve, and in the few short days into this fresh green year, I have already been amazed at what it has revealed to me. So amazed, in fact, that I had to make a mind map to start tracking the connections.

I would so love to see this in an interactive 3D version.  Oh wait - that's the world.

I did something like this last year too, and then attempted to discuss all the connections in one post.  Okay, it was two, plus an addendum and a poem.  I won't bombard you in this post with excited ramblings about how all the things in my mind map connect.  In fact, I won't even begin to discuss them.  However, be forewarned that I will likely be posting throughout the year about these and other connections I have yet to even see.  I just have a feeling it's going to be that way.

It truly is all connected, folks.  And I find no greater joy than in seeing and sharing that, one blooming thing at a time.


  1. I very much look forward to following all your connections throughout the year. Bless & green, how lovely. I love your collage.
    Thank you, blessings.

  2. That's a stunning collage, and I too, am pleased to be allowed to follow along on this route of connections!

  3. The collage is fantastic, as is the mind-map, there's something very compelling about mind-maps. I, too, look forward to hearing about your connections. So glad to hear your year is off to such a good start.

  4. Claire - Thank you and blessings to you too!

    neighbor - Thank you!

    Eryl - Thanks! You were part of my mind map last year with your orange wind tunnel, and then today I saw your green kitchen shelves. Not quite as profound of a connection as last year, but still worth noting :)

  5. and I am excited to read all of these magnificent connections. The collage is beautiful. I love seeing the mind map too. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your personal work and how you are connecting the pieces of this experience for yourself.

    The sweetness of the girl and the ever growing meaning of this for me is such a warmth. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Susan, it's me, Judy, from the conference last summer. I am returning to Taos in July to work with Pam Houston. Love your collage stuff, it inspired me to use an assignment for my students in conflict management to visually represent conflict as a metaphor on a poster. I have to do one too, it should be fun. Be well. J

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, Judy! I would love to hear about the results of that assignment. I would also love to see you when you're in Taos!



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