Saturday, December 5, 2009


One of the reasons it's taken me so long to post this is because I couldn't come up with a good title.  I have to admit, I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to titles.  I love coming up with names for things, whether for blog posts, cats and dogs, or potential band names.  I've come up with so many great band names that then go right out of my head.  I really should write them down.

And speaking of titles, I have a couple of new ones in my life, which is why it's getting harder for me to post regularly.  One of my new titles is "Board Director."  I joined the board of Taos Youth Music School, an after school program my son participates in.  (Think "School of Rock" - it's awesome.)  Another new title is "Quiet Day Coordinator."  My friend Cathy and I are planning a quiet day at our church which will occur next Saturday.

I've had the title of "Instructor" for a while now, but at this time of the semester, I have the additional title of "Paper Grader."  Oh boy.  I've already attended two grading sessions for the exit essays with the other English instructors, and will attend two more next week, in addition to grading all of the final papers for both of my classes.

A title I've had off and on for years, but am now actively pursuing again is "Self-Employed Writer & Editor."  I've started a business called "Illuminated Manuscripts" which offers professional writing and editing services. My slogan is "We'll polish it until it shines." Here's the logo I designed:

I just got my first contract with UNM-Taos to write grants for their campus expansion!  If you need anything written, edited or proofread, let me know.

Thanks to the Postman, I also now have the title of "Superior Scribbler."  Thanks, Postman! 

So the rules of the game are that you're supposed to:
  • Thank whoever nominated you for it...
  • Post, paste, or patch the award's image onto your own blog...
  • Tell your readers seven things they don't yet know about you...
  • Pass it along to seven more bloggers...
  • And notify them personally when you have done so.
Ok, so.  I've been thinking about these seven things.  There are so many odd and unknown things I could share, some negative and some positive.  It's hard to narrow it down to seven, but here goes:

1. I am a follower of the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet., and have been for almost a year. My blood type is O positive.  I've heard a lot of arguments against this diet, but it's worked great for me, not just in terms of weight loss, but overall health and sense of wellbeing.

2.  I smoke hand-rolled cigarettes, Drum brand.  The last of my nasty habits from the good old days of debauchery.

3.  I can tell you what year a book was published within five years by smelling it.

4.  I love to make collages.  Here's one I made for someone after I posted  here about needing to show thanks to certain people in my life:

5.  I've had some really nutty jobs.  Years ago, I did Tarot readings for LaToya Jackson's psychic line.  I also did singing telegrams for a while, but got fired because I sucked so bad.

6.  My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.  It used to be INTP - I'm pretty borderline between Thinking and Feeling.  It changed after I had kids.

7.  As a kid, I was obsessed with the band, Kiss.  My mom took me to the concert at Maple Leaf Gardens when I was 10 or 11.  Destroyer was my favorite album.  I had 43 Kiss posters up in my room, and threw a yearly birthday party for Paul Stanley.  I dressed up as him for Halloween once.

Now I'm supposed to give this award to seven other bloggers.  This is the hard part, because I'd like to award every blog I follow.

1.  The first blog I'd like to award is Whatever else my life is also this dazzling darkness.  Rebecca has been a major inspiration in my blogging (and spiritual) life lately.  She lives in Alaska and loves snow.  She's an amazing photographer and writer, and reading her blog always brings me a feeling of peace.

2.  Dan Gurney at A Mindful Heart gets the next award.  Dan is a kindergarten teacher - he's taught at the same school for 29 years!  His blog is a wonderful mixture of spiritual insight and challenge and simple appreciation for life.

3.  Jennifer at One True Self is an amazing woman.  She has an aura of childlike wonder and innocence, but has worked very hard in her life to retrieve that.  And now she expresses it in her blog in the most honest and moving and helpful ways.

4.  Kat and Bet at The Bobwhites also get my vote.  I came across their blog via the "Next Blog" button (and this was when it still took you to a totally random blog).  These ladies live in different states but grew up together. They blog about everyday things with humor and linguistic dexterity, and they also present wonderful recipes.  You would not believe some of the things these ladies have cooked and baked.  You should definitely check out their gingerbread houses.

5.  Even though the Postman beat me to it, I have to offer this award to the lovely, stylish, savvy, feisty Entrepreneur Chick, whose blog and emails have offered me major encouragement as an entrepreneur.  She's also frequently hilarious and highly entertaining.

6.  I recently discovered Dreamfarm Girl.  This woman is a splendid writer.  Her blog covers a lot of territory, from the minute to the cosmic, but she manages to work it all together in a very satisfying way.

7.  I have to give this award back to the Postman.  His was one of the first blogs I started following, and I still just adore it.  He will always have a very special place in my blogging heart.  I love his wit and style, and his immaculate vocabulary.  His blog is quirky; it covers aviation, cocktail reviews, and strong opinions on a number of things ranging from samurai warriors to cartoons to snack foods.  An entertaining, insightful, humorous, and often informative read.  I never thought I'd learn so much about aviation - and like it! 

That about wraps it up.  Which reminds me.  Now I get to also carry the titles of "Gift Wrapper," and right now I'm going to be "Holiday Baker."  I'm making some truly decadent Bourbon Fruitcake today.  Well, starting it today, anyway.  It actually takes two weeks of soaking in brandy before it's done.

NO FRUITCAKE JOKES!!!  It's my blog, and I'm banning them.  I like fruitcake.  A lot.


  1. When you said, "soaking in brandy.." my mouth literally watered for your fruit cake. Gosh, we need a wife. Are you available?

    You'd be proud of me. I actually posted a recipe!

    AND, thank you so much for the kind words, congratulations on your award and, both the logo and the tag line ROCK. Well done!

    How'd the chamber thing go?

  2. BOURBON FRUITCAKE! YUM! Even though that sounds like a stripper from New Orleans...

    Oh right, sorry. No fruitcake jokes. My mistake.

    You're welcome. You are a superior scribbler. And I'm about as honored as pie and tickled as punch that you gave the award back to me, with such lovely compliments on top. Thanks a cool million. I'm glad you enjoy what I write. That's why I write, after all. did tarot readings over the phone? What was that like? I've never met anybody who did anything like that. That's neat...but who the heck decides who sucks and who doesn't at singing telegrams? Was your boss Julie Andrews or something?

    Ah yes, the old smelling-the-publishing-date skill of yours! That's the most amazing thing I ever heard. If anyone else told me they could do that, I wouldn't believe them. You, I do. But this means, of course, that if you ever come visit, I'm going to have a stack of books on the coffee table with the copyright pages ripped out for you to sample...

    KISS, huh? Did you ever see the movie "Detroit Rock City"?

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the title (thanks, EC) but the simplest ones are the best. "Titles" rocks indeed. And congratulations on your recent ascension to Board Director!

  4. I cannot imagine at all why in the world I would end up in the company of someone as fascinating and wonderful and amazing as you and of all the other people you have noted for this award. I do not deserve this recognition especially among the intellectual wonders that frequent this blog. I find myself peaking from under my turtle shell and poking my head out here... wondering...How could I add anything to any of this? is always so grand and perfect.

    I AM REALLY APPRECIATIVE of your kindness and your sweet words about me. I hadn't thought of myself as childlike or innocent considering the way I grew up and lived my life so HELL BOUND, but I'm thankful you feel this way about me now.

    I find that those of you who read my blog might know me in a way no one else in my life does and so I thank you for being truly present in reading, reaching and teaching me.

    When I read this blog...and then all of the comments from the eclectic group that has developed here, I feel I am sitting around a table, having dinner...a fabulous, delicious dinner and drinking a wonderful bottle of wine and having the most decadent conversations and it goes on and on and when we are done, we put our coats on and leave and then join back for another dazzling moment of provoking ourselves to THINK. There is something unique and special here, I am privileged to be a part of this and I thank you!

  5. Good morning Pollinatrix,

    Congratulations are certainly in order; good for you. If your blogging activities slow down because of priorities, I think your readers will understand.

    With the exception of Jennifer (One True Self), I am unfamiliar with other six you've cited. Each is to be congratulated for being recognized (along with you) as a Superior Scribbler.


  6. Thank you so much for the very kind and generous mention! I look forward to reading the other blogs you recommend.

    I am very interested in hearing how your writing consulting business goes. I am very seriously considering embarking on the same path, to allow me more time to do my own writing, artwork and quilting. I currently am employed as a grantwriter + strategist at an NGO, and I like the work, but it's just overwhelming. I would really like to try my hand at taking an assignment at a time.

    Finally--the seven bits of information were a fun glimpse into who you are!

  7. I'm an INFP, too! I have been my entire life. Well - ever since I curiously took the test in middle school. It never changes for me. And Quiet Days! Those are so amazing. When I worked for the church, I took a group of kids to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area every summer and one of the days, we'd go around and drop kids off on their own island and leave them there for 4-5 hours. They always had amazing experiences to share about their solitude. And for a 9th grade boy or girl, being alone that long always had an impact on them. Me too. I loved it. Enjoy.

  8. Hi Polli,

    I've been going so SLOW that I just now got back in to check on all of the blogs. Wow! You do me far too great of an honor! And in such fabulous company as well. I will write more later. I have to get back here and reread what the instructions are with passing on the award. Also, I keep thinking (on an on and on) about our "violence" discussion.


  9. EC - Thank you! And see your blog for the rest of my reply.

    Postman - You broke my rule, but it was a good joke, and not actually making fun of fruitcake itself, so I'll let it slide. This time.

    Doing Tarot readings over the phone was weird and depressing, mostly. I had this one chick who called regularly who believed her spirit guide was John Candy, and then lots of other people who called basically because the TV told them to. It was yuck.

    I wish my singing telegram boss had been Julie Andrews! At least I could have gotten her autograph and maybe a singing lesson or two. No, my boss was a very nice young fanatical fundamentalist Christian who wanted me to read Bible verses after I sang. He gave me a very nice spice rack when I got married, which I still have. Even though I no longer remember his name. Did I mention I was quite pregant while I was doing this job?

    I've never seen Detroit Rock City. I really should. I have, however, seen Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

  10. Jennifer - Everything I said in my comments on your most recent post!!!

    It really is an eclectic group here, isn't it? I love it. And I'm grateful that you're a part of it, and truth be told - sometimes I feel like I'M not good enough for YOU.

    U - Thank you! I do worry about my readers worrying about me, but even more, I just miss having the time to write. There is so much that wants to be written, so much floating around in my mind that I want to form into something.

    Dreamfarm Girl - So you're a grantwriter too! I've only written small grants so far, mostly as a volunteer board member of various non-profits, so I'm a little daunted by this new contract.

    I've dabbled in this kind of self-employment before, but this time I'm really going full force with marketing. I hope to have a website in the near future, too. I'll let you know how it goes.

    And you quilt! I'm in awe of people who do this. Have you posted photos of any of your quilts?

  11. Kate - Apparently we're a rare breed, most often found in churches, oddly enough.

    Solitude is something I just don't get enough of, with three teenagers plus their friends and boyfriends around, and a two-year-old. But I can't live without solitude, I just start losing my mind. I wish I could have a quiet day every week.

    Rebecca - I'm happy for you that you've been able to stay in the slow lane. I've been so much in the Christmas spirit, that my total impulse is to go slow, but there is so much I need to be doing right now, that I'm falling behind because of doing things like making gingerbread cookies instead of taking care of business.

    I keep thinking about the violence discussion too, and finding other people's posts that add to it in some way. I'll be interested to hear what your responses are, when you're ready.

  12. Hello Polly

    I love your collage - am a bit partial to collage making myself... you are certainly a multi-talented lady. Good luck with the new enterprise.

    Happy days

  13. Thanks, Delwyn! It's good to hear from you.

    The thing that always amazes me about collage is how seemingly random things take on a meaning beyond what I even planned for them. It turned out that the images in the piece above had significance for the recipient in a more personal way than I imagined when I chose them.

  14. I have come back here several times to look at your collage. It is beautiful!! Dreamy! Oh, and I love #3 on things to know about you! Maybe I am drawn to that because of my anosmia - didn't know books had a smell. But it makes me chuckle thinking of you smelling books like a fine wine.

  15. Thank you for the collage compliment! That means a lot coming from such a fine artist as yourself.

    I actually had a professor make me do the book-smelling test in class. And my kids make me do it for their friends sometimes. Maybe I should go on "Stupid Human Tricks" on David Letterman.

    I really like the wine analogy.

  16. wow... there is so much to consider and "soak in" here! i love the titles and am particularly resonating with "the quiet day coordinator" right now, realizing that day is tomorrow, i believe. i love hearing your realities and little eccentricities. you are a fabulous addition to the blogging world and this post shows us why! peace... & blessings on your quiet day (i'm hoping to have a modified one of my own today :-)

  17. Thank you, Lucy! I hope you have a wonderful quiet day. You'll be in my thoughts.

  18. I am here for my weekly poke.

    {{Poke}}} Polly? {{{poke, poke, poke}}} New post? :)



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